Game Development

March 21, 2015

Eden Falling PC Version

Our team continues to grow as we push forward to finish our Tech Demo. We currently have about 50 people and are still looking for some other talented individuals to join us. We recently have seen some of the first game music, FX and many other cool things being completed.
February 18, 2015

Development Continues on PC Game

Our Dev team for Eden Falling PC game continues to grow as we now number some 40 members. Development continues on PC game as many new ideas have come to light as we hash out how the PC version will look. I have had to add several new rules to compensate for what you see in the PC game versus what we seen in the paper RPG game.
December 18, 2014

Eden Falling PC Game Update

We continue to hammer away on the development of the PC Game version of the game. Our team now numbers 15 members.  Things finally starting to come together as we have some of our first characters and weapons completed, while some of the core locations and terrain areas of the game continue to be worked on.