Steppe Tribes


“Do not fear nature; respect it.”



 The following document is an assessment of a major political, economic, and/or militaristic faction currently in operation within the Regional American Territories. 

Last update: 0800 hours, November 15th, 57AF.

Agent C. Martinez, Cartel Bureau of Public Relations - Analysis Division


Steppe Tribes Overview

Founded: 2154 A.D.

Primary Headquarters: Region 4, High Plains, Sector 47, Akule’s Meet


“The Great Prophet” Elder Akule



Current Leadership

  • Chieftains: Jobi, Kattak, Nassay

  • Elders: Altsoba, Kachina, Onida, Lansa



  • Tradition

  • Naturism

  • Exploration

Primary Agenda

Steppe Tribes strive to understand and use The Fall environment while remaining respectful to life’s natural order. They acquire tips and tools through observational exploration—to survive and be positive participants in the circle of life.

Steppe Tribes’ origins predate The Fall, originally formed by loose collections of various disaffected Regional American Territory citizen groups. Several Tribes are nomadic and developed an intimate knowledge and familiarity with the overgrowth, making them exceptionally qualified guides for traders and explorers wishing to use unconventional paths. 


They understand that evolution is necessary to survive environmentally and technologically but are cautious when dealing with nature outsiders. 


Steppe Tribes’ deep engagement with The Fall environment resulted in creating unparalleled experts on xenobiology and xenobotany—chemists and medicine men who perform medicinal and [REDACTED] wonders with the compounds and  [REDACTED] materials crafted from exotic elements.

Partners /Allies



Opposing Faction and Their Allies


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