Freedom Fighters


“Strength is a gift, not a weapon against the weak.”



 The following document is an assessment of a major political, economic, and/or militaristic faction currently in operation within the Regional American Territories. 

Last update: 1015 hours, October 13th, 62AF.

Agent C. Martinez, Cartel Bureau of Public Relations - Analysis Division


Freedom Fighters Overview

Founded: 2AF

Primary Headquarters: Coastal Mountain Region, Region 1, “Liberty Central”


General James Reid



Current Leadership

  • General: Victoria Hunter-Reid

  • Secretary: Michael Owen Riley

  • Colonel: Clifford Guerrero



  • Posterity

  • Rule of Law

  • Unity


Primary Agenda

The Freedom Fighters embody the ideals of unity, equality, and military might. They strive to work together to bring order and justice to the world. They train everyone in their faction in combat and educate them on the past as well as the present.

One of the most important documents of life before The Fall is “The Chronicle of Colonel James Reid”, the personal journal of the founder of the Freedom Fighters. Reid traveled across North America to reunite with his family and assumed command of the surviving military forces he encountered on his journey.


His courage, drive, and sense of duty united those men and women, who later became known as The Freedom Fighters. Those ideals, however, are as much a burden as a boon in the Post-Fall world. Critics often view the Freedom Fighters’ ideals as outdated and sentimental.


Their positive relationship with Texas Star and The Patriots has proven to be fruitful with consistent trade between the factions as well as a loosely formed defensive pact.

Partners /Allies



Opposing Faction and Their Allies


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