Desert Rats


“Break the loop, begin a new path.”



 The following document is an assessment of a major political, economic, and/or militaristic faction currently in operation within the Regional American Territories. 

Last update: 1315 hours, January 15th, 62AF.

Agent C. Martinez, Cartel Bureau of Public Relations - Analysis Division


Desert Rats Overview

Founded: 2AF

Primary Headquarters: Region 3, South West, New Phoenix, between the Great Rivers.


  • Andrew Taves 

  • Kavor Hewitt


Current Leadership

  • Alpha: Laura Varys

  • Beta: Guy Keller

  • Omega: Mady Burell



  • Denialism

  • Survivalism

  • Empathy Over Altruism


Primary Agenda

The Desert Rats believe the future should not be built on the past, especially not on a failed society. Their radical view of the old world drives them to explore, seek new survival tools, and acquire knowledge for technological advancement.

Although they lack scientific knowledge, they are masters of survival, navigation, creativity, strategy, and logistics. A healthy oral tradition for communication keeps the Desert Rats highly coordinated with each other. 


Many Desert Rats settlements exist, and they all operate under the same core rules and laws. The central government encourages a sense of growth and preservation when and where it is needed. Although they tend to participate in piracy and smuggling for certain goods and commodities, many are renowned traders, explorers, and respected mediators.

Partners /Allies



Opposing Faction and Their Allies


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