After an asteroid delivered chunks of rock and toxic overgrowth fungus, survivors found that their world had changed into the brutal new environment in which they would raise new generations. People soon formed Factions and claimed territories using whatever means of coercion they could find: negotiation, spears, or more advanced weaponry.


The Fall forced survivors to abandon their technology, or 'Tec,' and learn to survive without it. When found, Tec can still be of a lot of use to someone with the knowledge to use it.


In Razor Edge Games' premier title, Eden Falling, players may join those living in The AfterFall in an extensive world with over 30,000 places to visit. While enjoying over 200 hours of gameplay and dozens of optional rules to add to the challenge, your character's life--and death--will reflect your choices.

Game Features

Eden Falling is a non-linear open world RPG with heavy emphasis on character development which uses a skill based system.

  • Look, think, act, and engage how you choose with no restriction beyond what you can find to help your survival.
  • Play alone, with a group of friends, or visit our servers to play with many adventurers.
  • Gain Destiny Points by completing contracts (quests). Use Destiny Points to change your character's fate.
  • Build reputation and complete contracts to influence the Faction Wars, gain companions and create your own faction.
  • Choose your weapon from the most basic items such as clubs to the cutting edge Tec of plasma weapons.
The game has a genuine RPG feel with high quality graphics using cinematic camera angles.

  • Watch your character age. Age affects attributes and appearance.
  • Enjoy a fully envisioned 3D environment, including a day-night cycle.
  • Give your character commands in a turn-based style, and enjoy cinematic camera angles as your character carries out your wishes.
  • What you see is what you can loot, and packs and loads on vehicles and mounts will visually expand as your inventory does.
  • Life in the AfterFall is very unforgiving, so make it count or risk losing it all.
Gameplay consists of a mixture of strategy, wit, common sense and a willingness to push your character into the unknown.

  • When your character dies, they die permanently, but hopefully they find a trustworthy companion to name as their heir before they do.
  • Dozens of optional rules allow players to up the intensity.
  • Encounter a wide variety of organic and synthetic threats; challenges come in forms you may not be prepared for.
  • Engage in radically designed PvP options featuring complex martial arts integration.
  • Ensure you complete the contracts you take on, or you will lose reputation and the perks that come with it.
Death is the end of most stories. But with destiny points, you can gain an extra chance to keep your story going. Destiny points allow you to reroll any action or event that affects your character or companion. This can be used to avoid death, increase weapon damage temporarily, change the effects of an item, or to just ensure that your next shot finds its mark. These are just a few examples of how these miraculous points can save you, but they are limited in availability. Destiny points are gained by completing certain contracts, toppling formidable enemies, and completing session based objectives.

They can be used to:

  • Cheat death
  • Retry a failed action
  • Hit a missed shot
  • Avoid a critical hit

They can be obtained by:
  • Completing specific contracts
  • Defeating powerful enemies
  • Completing objectives

Destiny points are the hands of fate interfering with everyday life. A way to alter those moments that decide if you’re a hero or a corpse.