The Patriots


“For Our Fathers!”



 The following document is an assessment of a major political, economic, and/or militaristic faction currently in operation within the Regional American Territories. 

Last update: 1315 hours, January 15th, 62AF.

Agent C. Martinez, Cartel Bureau of Public Relations - Analysis Division


The Patriots Overview

Founded: 20AF

Primary Headquarters: Appalachian Highlands


Gerad “Washington” Holdbrooke



Current Leadership

  • Commander-In-Chief: Rajesh Punjabi

  • Vice President: Jackson Holdbrooke

  • General: Abraham Bello



  • Unity

  • Individual Liberty


Primary Agenda

The Patriots’ overall mission is to either annex or conquer the other major factions, forming a single nation. To achieve this, their first step is to establish strong diplomatic relations with those that they consider amenable to the faction’s goals.


The second phase of their plan will likely involve a military campaign to eliminate those that stand in direct opposition to their ideology.

The Patriots' inception came as a response to an invasion of land north of the Smoky Mountains by the Free Land Confederation. Communities of the Appalachian wilds, led by large families with rich military history, banded together to push them back. Their coordination, along with the added assistance of the Steppe Tribes, resulted in retaining their land and pushing back the Free Landers. Emboldened by victory, this loose affiliation legitimized their organization and took on the name Patriots.


Their location relative to the capital of the Pre-Fall nation has resulted in the recovery of a treasure trove of historical relics and documents, many of which are believed to still be in their possession. The leadership saw it as providence that the spirit in which that nation was founded was not unlike their own beginnings--banding together to fight the tyranny of an oppressive force. In Patriot society, the “fathers'' are men of great wisdom and strength likened unto saints. They identify so much with the ideals of this past civilization, The Patriots founder took on the moniker of “Washington” as a sign of respect.

Partners /Allies



Opposing Faction and Their Allies


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