Southwest Marauder Gangs

Fire Devils

The largest marauder group in the Southwest region, the Fire Devils thrive on the fear inspired by their symbol. Those that have seen the leader of the Fire Devils claim he is a massive smiling demon from Below. No one can tell what exactly the goal or motive of the group is, other than to inspire fear and take whatever they feel like from poor townsfolk on the outskirts of settlements.


Like their namesake, the Coyotes gang hunts in packs and leads their prey into unsuspecting ambushes, where their prey is outnumbered and powerless to fight back. The most animalistic of the gangs in the Southwest, the Coyotes have no central leadership, instead they are broken in “dens” and infighting is extremely common and there can only be one Alpha controlling a den.

Sapphire Slicers

As the name implies, the Sapphire Slicers are known for their skills with bladed weapons of any sort. While no one has ever seen a Slicer carry a sapphire knife, it is rumored that only the high ranking officials within the organization possess them. Slicers pride themselves on the hunt and savor the up close and personal kill. They never tire of a challenge.

The Abandoned

The Abandoned started as children orphaned by the The Fall. They learned to fend for themselves and gained a warped sense of the world. Outsiders seeking to convert the Abandoned into their settlements are turned away - or never heard from again. Rumors are most kidnappings are the workings of the Abandoned - and part of their recruitment process.

Ebony Jackals

An extremely small group of extremists, the Ebony Jackals don’t share the whys behind their actions. Origin stories abound as to how this ragtag group formed. The most prevalent of the rumors dates back to right after The Fall, when a man named Kamton, supposedly killed a jackal with his bare hands.

United Front

The United Front holds large tracts of land in the Southwest rumored to contain intact pieces of Ancient flying technology. They claim that their founders once flew in great winged machines across the continent. No one knows for sure how accurate this is, as intact Ancient technology is extremely rare.