Sound/VO Update 6-29-2017


Hey Everyone! The Sound/VO Team has been spending a lot of time behind the microphone over the course of these last several weeks, making sure there's a voice (and many different voices, I assure you!) behind every character you encounter!

We have been running on all cylinders  as we continue to record dialogue for various situations and locations represented in the game. To illustrate some of what’s being worked on, a video has been included to feature some voiceover files recorded for the Bar, the Communications Center, and some snippets from other scenes currently in production.

Voiceover has teamed up with the Concept and Music Teams to help provide you with a more immersive experience as we unveil some of the voices and lines you will hear in your journey. But who am I to say? I’m just text on a webpage, you can’t even hear me! No, it’s best if you hear it for yourself.

We hope you enjoy this brief presentation, titled “Words of Warning” from the Voiceover Team!