Programming Dev Team Update!

The Programming Team has been working hard to get out some more working items for the game. Countless hours have been poured into multiple aspects of the game. The first and longest one was the map syncing over a network with a host server and clients. This was so that we had a center map that tracked everyone's information, but allowed only the players to have access to the map section they, themselves have seen. If a player were to walk into an area already discovered by another player, then the stuff that is there will be one the other player saw there. This simple idea took months to work out but is finished and works.


The team has also been working on cleaning up code and cleaning up our projects to work better. The code for our combat back end is essentially done other then some additional rules that are choice rules. Our UI has been updated a bit and is continuously updating so as to build a game and a player turn with the ui. We have a player turn that currently functions, and we also have been able to get a clothing system in memory to track items that equip in whatever locations they equip, plus progress on this for layering the clothing as well. Our progress has been strong but there is always stuff for the back end.


For our future updates we plan on having more stuff connected to visuals of the game including combat, AI visuals, and have the player turn and UI done. We will also have the character creator finished, and have the first scene of the game populated with characters that are randomly generated. So when Programming ends this with “more to see in the coming months”, we literally mean you’ll actually see stuff in the coming months!


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