Game Development

April 27, 2017

Modular Team Update

The Modular Team is ready to show off some new assets they've been crafting for the Afterfall.
May 13, 2017

Music Dev Update!

The Music Team demonstrates the flavor of the Texas Star with a snippet of the faction's theme music.
May 25, 2017

Programming Dev Team Update!

The Programming Team gives a rundown on what they've been doing lately regarding combat AI, UI, and more.
June 15, 2017

Concept Team Update 6/15/2017

Concept shows off a slew of new artwork featuring weapon mods, combat arenas, police bots, and more.
June 22, 2017

Organic Modeling Update 6-22-17

The Organic Team debuts a few creature models as they blow past the milestone of 150+ modeled animals for Eden Falling!
June 29, 2017

Sound/VO Update 6-29-2017

The Sound and VO Team gives a sample of some of the recordings they've been working hard on.
July 6, 2017

Level Design Update 7-6-17

The Level Design Team unveils some outdoor locales that players will be able to explore in Eden Falling.
July 13, 2017

Character Asset Update 7-13-17

The team gives insight into how clothing and armor are designed for the world of Eden Falling.
July 20, 2017

Modeling Update 7-19-2017

The Hard Surface Team give a peek at all sorts of new assets being created, including weaponry, furniture, buildings, and more.