Music Dev Update!


Hello! The Music Team is back with a small grab bag of new music. We’ve been hard at work progressing through the concept stage of music, really trying to set the stage for some of our bigger pieces in the future, including the strong themes of the factions and the dynamic music of combat, so you can expect some teasers for those in the future.

In the meantime we have a couple peaceful environments and a snippet of the feel of the Texas Star for you.

The Star are all about independence and family. This sample of music represents the everyday feel of being a part of the Texas Star. Not over the top or boisterous, but purposeful and friendly.

Even in the Afterfall water brings life. Plants thrive near the currents of a river, with trees and bushes growing thick at the water’s edge. Fish dart near the bank, almost begging for a traveler to cast a line. The rivers of the Afterfall like few other places if left undisturbed are truly serene. Make sure to check out the other posts to see what the rest of the teams are doing and head over to the forums to join in the discussion!