Press Releases

February 10, 2016

Calling all RPG Gamers: Eden Falling has Arrived

It’s time to customize your own role playing adventure in a huge open world, non-linear, procedurally generated game. Razor Edge Games introduces Eden Falling, a brand new role playing experience that breaks away from the “kill everything you see mentality” that has now become expected for digital RPG style games.
February 10, 2016

Our Official Press Release Has Begun

We here at Razor Edge Games are proud to announce, officially to the world as of today, that we are here to begin telling the story of the game that we have been laboring on for such a long time.
February 16, 2016

Eden Falling Reveals First Playable Faction: The Desert Rats

Eden Falling unveils a first look at the political landscape of the Afterfall with its first playable faction: The Desert Rats.
March 1, 2016

Eden Falling Reveals 2nd Playable Faction: Freedom Fighters

Unveiled as the second playable faction in Eden Falling, The Freedom Fighters introduce a rare form of compassionate, hearty community. Sticking to the traditions of family, empathy, and justice, the Freedom Fighters are a hard-working culture that encourages players to relearn humanity.
March 4, 2016

“There Was a Firefiiiight!!!” The Texas Star Faction Revealed

Here’s hoping you’re a gunslinging, sharp-shootin’, defend-what’s-yours-and-blast-the-enemy fan. Welcome, folks, to the Texas Star.
March 11, 2016

Eden Falling: First Animation & Marauder Gangs Revealed

Razor Edge Games releases its first ever glimpse at animation for Eden Falling.
March 11, 2016

Eden Falling Reveals 4th Playable Faction: Steppe Tribes

It’s been a long time since the Earth fell under siege from the asteroid that changed everything in Eden Falling. While some factions have turned to guns, Tec, and a megaton of gusto, Razor Edge Games introduces unity and harmony with the powerful Steppe Tribes as the fourth playable faction.
March 17, 2016

Eden Falling Reveals 5th Playable Faction: The Confed

Following the Afterfall, resources are scarce. Well, in the eyes of the Confed, resource is just another way of identifying humanity. We’re running headlong into the debate and controversy of a strong, surviving caste system as Razor Edge Games introduces its fifth playable faction.
March 25, 2016

Eden Falling Reveals 6th Playable Faction: The Patriots

It’s week six of Razor Edge Games’ montage of the good, the bad, the gritty, and the triggerhappy. As we sail smoothly through the playable factions to be offered to gamers in the upcoming RPG Eden Falling, Razor Edge Games stands attention with a firm salute to the bravery, ambition, and hardcore drive of the Patriots.