Modeling Update 7-19-2017


The Hard Surface team has seen a major evolution since the previous Dev Journal. With new additions to our team, the entire Modular team was also re-merged back with Hard Surface to form a cohesive whole once more. With this merger, we have revamped focus on modular designs for all Hard Surface departments to ensure variety and flexibility with assets. Vehicle modeling still continues to drive onward with our prefall vehicles, preparing the models for modular damaged parts and cleaning up their overall look. We have also reopened focus on player vehicles and plan to have a few new sets of wheels on the wastelands soon.

Weapon modeling has been pumping out the good stuff as always, with new weapons being added to the arsenal for all your shooting and stabbing needs. And what would a weapon be without its mods? New mods are being worked on to add modular variety and utility to the guns and melee weapons of the fall, letting you customize to the situation at hand.

Structure modeling has been building up the wastes with new structures, furniture, props, and wrecks to keep all the survivors busy scrounging through for that oh-so-sweet loot. From old farmlands and greenhouses to industrial complexes and mines, there will be plenty to see and loot for any survivor.

That is it from Hard Surface this time, keep an eye out for our next journal soon!