Whatever happened to post-apoc multiplayer RPG Eden Falling?

Short version: It's in alpha and is also partnering with a comic book

We haven’t heard a lot out of Eden Falling, but that also seems to be par for the course for this game, so let us review. This game first hit our radar back in 2017 with the promise of bringing a tabletop RPG experience to online gaming. After that, it went radio silent until 2020, when it re-emerged with some loud crowing about new investment (that got some clarification later).


Since then, it’s once more been pretty quiet save for a post about coding while the game itself has been moving through its second alpha test that started at the beginning of September (we even had key giveaways for it!), which developer Razor Edge Games seems to be generally pleased with. This finally leads us to the latest update to said alpha, which has made some tweaks to a tutorial NPC and the faction quiz that leads off character creation.


Despite the game not fully being released yet, that doesn’t seem to be stopping the devs from joining hands with other companies for some cross-promotional shenanigans, such as one with Valiant Entertainment and Epik, which is bringing characters from Valiant’s comic book universe to the RPG Meanwhile, Eden Falling is eyeing an early access release for sometime next year.


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Razor Edge Games is an independent gaming studio. We are a diverse collective of more than 140 passionate artists and gamers from around the globe with diverse backgrounds and experience levels, based in Gilbert, Arizona. With a passion for tabletop gaming and traditional RPGs in its DNA, our studio is hard at work on its debut game, Eden Falling, with several more exciting projects planned for future. 

Our mission is to create replayable, content-driven experiences fueled by innovation. REG independence means not having to adhere to flashy trends, stuffy board members, and corporate Yes-Men who rehash the same tiring games over and over. We are risk-takers with the vision to take the gaming experience far beyond traditional industry norms. We aim to give the gamer full control of their own experience.

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