Steppe Tribes

We Were Here Before The Fall.

We Are Here After The Fall.

Our people have always known that nature is perfect; it is man that is flawed. The error in man is thinking nature is in our control and not the other way around.

We do not fear nature; We respect it.

We do not fear our enemies. We honor their bravery and sacrifice in battle by returning their spirits back to the great unknown, where they may contemplate the error of their choices.

Man is not separate from nature. To live in harmony with nature is to live in harmony with oneself.

We offer what we can. We do not take that which is not offered. We do not take more than we need.

Physical strength fades. Beauty fades. Life fades.

Strength of Spirit never fades.

Although the land has changed, the teachings remain the same. Respect nature and nature will reward you.

We are of The First Nation. We will be The Last Nation.

We will be The Only Nation.