Texas Star




Despite the darkness of The Fall,


Texas Star continues to shine bright.


The Fall took your family, home, and safety of your community. It’s time to take back what was stolen from you.


You have lasted this long on your own, in spite of this toxic land full of hostile critters, savage vagrants out for themselves, and no safe place to call your home.


The fortitude and gumption you possess is not lost on us.


We applaud and salute your grit in not allowing The Fall to sully your resolve.


Imagine what you could achieve being part of a community that supports and protects you and your kin.


We want you to understand that everything you fight for, work toward, earn, would not be in vain, but passed on generation to generation because you decided that you were going to seize this opportunity and stake a claim for you and yours for generations to come.


On the other hand, you can roam this land in futility eventually dying alone.


Unwept, Unhonored, and Unsung.