Eden Falling Code of Conduct


This is a closed Eden Falling Alpha Test, only those with an invite/key can join. We are still early in development and everything is subject to change before the actual release. By accepting and redeeming a Key for the Eden Falling Alpha you are agreeing to the Code of Conduct and will follow these rules.


  1. Code of Conduct
    1. You will not do anything Illegal. Laws that apply in the offline world will be obeyed in the online world as well. 
    2. You will not participate in any activity that harms minors in any way. This includes threats, exploitation, bullying, or any other form of harassment that may harm minors.
    3. You will not participate in any activity that harms other players in any way. This includes threats, exploitation, bullying, or any other form of harassment that may harm other players.
    4. You will not spam or phish by using postings, contact requests, email, or any other form of unsolicited communications electronic or otherwise.  
      1. Spam is unwanted or unsolicited bulk email, postings, contact requests, SMS (text messages), instant messages, or similar electronic communications.
      2. Phishing is sending emails or other electronic communications to fraudulently or unlawfully induce recipients to reveal personal or sensitive information, such as passwords, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, passport numbers, credit card information, financial information, or other sensitive information, or to gain access to accounts or records, exfiltration of documents or other sensitive information, payment and/or financial benefit.   
    5. You will not use any of our services to share inappropriate or obscene material or content. (for example, criminal activity, nudity, offensive language, bestiality, pornography, graphic violence, or criminal activity).
    6. You will not take part in any fraudulent activities, (e.g., soliciting or requesting for money, impersonation of someone else, exploiting or manipulating the Services to increase play count, or affect rankings, ratings, comments, etc.).
    7. You will not avoid, mislead, or otherwise evade the restrictions of the Services.
    8. You will not participate in any activity that is harmful to you, the community, or the Services (e.g., promoting violence against others, transmitting viruses, posting violent or extremist content, promoting or participating in hate speech, discriminatory statements, doxing, swatting, cyberbullying, stalking, or other harmful activities).
    9. You will not violate others’ rights. (e.g., no use of or sharing of copyrighted music or other copyrighted material, resale, or other distribution of materials by Razor Edge Games LLC, or found in Eden Falling).
    10. You will not infringe the privacy of others or participate in activities that infringe on the privacy of others.
    11. You will not create or use any unauthorized cheats, bots, automation software, hacks, mods, programs, scripts, or any other game modifying mechanic, software, or hardware designed to modify Eden Falling and gameplay. In addition, you will not take advantage of Eden Falling system bugs and exploits during gameplay.
    12. You will not sell, purchase, or exchange for real-world money or value any in-game currency, accounts, characters, in-game services, or in-game virtual items. You may not play Eden Falling for the purpose of acquiring virtual items or advancement in Eden Falling gameplay on behalf of a third party or for the purpose of selling any virtual assets to a third party for real-world money.
    13. You will not exploit Eden Falling for any commercial purpose without Razor Edge Eden Games LLC prior written consent.
    14. You will not create, operate, participate in or use any unauthorized servers intended to emulate Eden Falling.
    15. You will not intercept, mine, or otherwise collect information from Eden Falling using unauthorized third-party software.
    16. You will not hack, disassemble, decompile, or otherwise modify Eden Falling or server computer code.
    17. You will not modify or cause to be modified any files that are a part of Eden Falling or Service in any way, and may not make any derivative works of Eden Falling.
    18. You will not Participate in DEVELOPER BASHING – Be aware this Closed Alpha 1 is a focused test, we are still early in development, this is not a finished game. We are human beings creating a game.
      1. We work hard and read the forums with earnest care, so any insults will be cleaned up on the spot and not tolerated. Constructive feedback is encouraged and key to us improving the game.
        1. For clarification:
          1. What is an insult? “Eden Falling is garbage, anyone who ever worked on this should be fired.”
          2. What is constructive feedback? Constructive feedback, whether positive or negative, is about detailing what the situation is and uses details/personal experiences to explain your reasoning as well as include ways to improve it, in your own words. 
    19. You will not break these rules or help others to break these rules. 
  1. Enforcement. 
    1. If any of these terms are violated, or for any reason we deem appropriate, we reserve the right to terminate your access, revoke your key, block you from this and any Razor Edge Games LLC future releases, refuse to publish your post or message, or content, block delivery of a communication (like email, file sharing) and remove you from the Alpha testing, as well as any content you may have posted to any of Razor Edge Eden Games LLC forums, and will cooperate with law enforcement. 
    2. Any monetary damages incurred from failing to abide by the Terms of Service and the Code of Conduct will result in Razor Edge Games LLC taking legal recourse for punitive damages, compensatory damages, legal fees, and interest. 
    3. If you're unsure that your actions may violate this code of conduct, reconsider them. We reserve the right to restrict offending accounts as much as necessary to keep our community and Eden Falling a fun experience for all players.