Free Land Confederation




The Fall ignited the land with chaos.


It also ignited the vitality within us to persevere.


From the hottest fires are forged the hardest, toughest, and most valuable steel. From the scorching fires of calamity, ruination, and hostility we were forged -

The Free Land Confederation.


We earned our obvious, rightful, and superior place in this life.


Nobody can give you freedom - you must be strong enough to take it! Those who are not strong enough to take it - don’t deserve it.


Freedom is not a right - it is earned daily.


Nowadays you have to be strong enough and smart enough to survive the poisonous landscape in an instant. However, not everyone is born exceptional, some are born weak. Nevertheless, they have their place too.


Everyone is created differently.


It’s just a matter of knowing your place.


Thinking about how things were in the past is a waste of time and energy. There is no sense in reminiscing about how things were, all that matters is how things are now.


We stick to what works today, improving on what works, for tomorrow.


Some may not agree with our ways, that’s fine.


With time comes vindication.