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REGGIE Awards 2022


Animation - Kaleb Bennett

Art - Devin Owensby

Coding - Conall Barrett

Concept - Kuo Xu

Concept - Kyaw Ar Kar

Design - Sean Campbell

Design - Stephanie Teasley

Level Design - Dylan Lynch

Level Design- Milena Meyer

Marketing - Christina Martinez

Sound - Dave Harms

VFX - Zach Parsons

2022 was a very tumultuous year of unforeseen challenges and upsets but also a few thrilling surprises. Your dedication to your teams, Razor Edge Games, and Eden Falling are invaluable. We are infinitely grateful for all your hard work, willingness to go outside of your comfort zones, learning new things, and enduring perseverance through all the chaos in our ever-changing world.  


We are honored to give you all this token of our perpetual appreciation for all you have created, delivered, and contributed to our shared endeavor. Your continued dedication has not gone unseen.

Thank you.

We all here at Razor Edge Games are not just creating a great game; we are facilitating a way for our gamers to relax after a long day. We’re giving a group of friends an excuse to get together. We are providing an escape to the people who need it.

This is what REG is all about - and we thank you for bringing Eden Falling a little closer to reality. ✨