Dev Journal: The Level Design Team's Role in the HDRP Conversion

A brief update on Level Design.


Recently with the changeover to HDRP, a lot of major progress with level work has been halted. As one can probably imagine, updating all the assets to work with the new requirements for HDRP, one might find some issues. Some assets need more full-fledged fixes. It is also a great time to do some spring cleaning. (It’s spring, right? I’m a gamer, so I rarely head outside or see the Sun.) Some of our more artistic team members have volunteered to help out with the Art team getting assets updated and organized.


 Note: the environments seen in this are pre-HDRP conversion


Work on our levels has not halted. We are going back through our completed scenes and making sure everything is updated correctly. Our first target was the roadhouse scenes, including the bar-like amenity and the main menu. We needed our wall kit fixed up.


Right now, our focus is on getting the early roadhouse scenes fixed up, but with only two of them in the current demo, that isn’t much work to spread around the team. While we have gotten most of the stuff needed to fix up the roadhouses, we need to get the rest of our team something to do. With that in mind and the wall kit in hand, we have started to focus on the other demo scenes with the same wall kit pieces, which are about every scene. We’ve now gotten the walls working again, albeit with a new textural bug rearing its head (ah, the joys of game development), so we’ll show off our fixes for that in the next journal.


That leaves us with our next big target to tackle: the settlement. The settlement recently got updated right before we swapped over to HDRP; not sure if it made it into the last builds or not, but looking at it now, it will need a lot of work to get back up to where it was before the swap over, but our team members are up for the task.


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