Eden Falling Enters Final Phase of Alpha Testing With Major Visual Overhaul

Phoenix, Arizona (January 5, 2022) - After entering closed Alpha last summer, Razor Edge Games has been making steady progress on its debut sci-fi survival RPG, Eden Falling. Through a combination of rigorous internal playtesting and invaluable player feedback, the team has worked to provide numerous quality of life improvements, from fixing NPC clipping issues to patching problematic load times. 


Although Razor Edge intends to keep Eden Falling in Alpha for a little while longer as the bug-squashing process continues, the team is nearing a milestone that will mark a significant turning point: using the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) tool from Unity, the entire game will be undergoing a drastic makeover.


As seen below, Eden Falling will receive instantaneous improvements in textures, lighting, and more as a result of this new tool:




This visual overhaul is a key leap forward that brings Eden Falling one step closer to realizing the team's vision and preparing the game for its planned Beta release later this year.

However, as the team finishes up the final leg of the Alpha it’s still a perfect time for new or returning players to hop into Eden Falling to test out the new visual upgrades and give the team some additional feedback ahead of the next phase of the development journey. For people that haven’t gotten an Alpha key yet, there is an ongoing ARG across Razor Edge Games’ social channels, and anyone who solves the puzzle will be rewarded with a Steam key.


Razor Edge would like to thank all the players who have participated in the Alpha testing thus far, as their contributions have continuously helped propel the team forward. The team can’t wait to hear about players’ experiences with the new makeover!


See you all in the Afterfall!


Join the Afterfall and choose your Destiny.

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