Numerous Bug Fixes Outlined For the Eden Falling Alpha

A Few More Dead Bugs for the Pile


Phoenix, Arizona (February 25, 2022) - A couple weeks ago, Razor Edge Games provided an update on several known issues that the team is working to address. This time around, the studio would like to focus on an update for all the things that it has recently found fixes for.

The bugs that have now been squashed include:

  • Inability to select an action or draw any cards

  • Mismatched faction quiz results

  • Text overlap on the tutorial level of the build UI

  • Getting stuck on loading screen after creating character

  • Glitched pants shaders on certain NPCs

  • Potential seizure-inducing bug in the bar scene

  • Missing materials in the helipad mesh asset

  • Delay when clicking the check box on first tutorial message



The bar scene received a crucial update to make sure the lighting is safe for all players.


This list, while a major step forward, represents a mere fraction of all the fixes that Razor Edge Games plans to implement throughout 2022, and the team is already hard at work on the next wave of solutions!


In the meantime, anyone interested in joining the Eden Falling Alpha to see these new improvements in action can email to request a Steam key. Those who do enter the Alpha can use this Bug Report Form to share all constructive feedback with the team and help make Eden Falling into the best experience possible!


See you all in the Afterfall!


Join the Afterfall and choose your Destiny.

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