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REGGIE Awards 2021


Animation - Kaleb Bennett
Art - Andres Rea
Art - Micheal Lenehan
Coding - Ben Casey
Coding - Jason Bloomfield
Concept - Andrew Dakhil
Concept - Kuo Xu
Design - Neil Schnepf
Level Design - Dylan Lynch
Level Design - Shira Yaari
Marketing - Kinsey Lynaugh
Sound - Leah Miller
VFX - Artiom Demidov
VFX - Breanne Hunter

We want to acknowledge all of you for your dedication to your teams and to Eden Falling as a whole. All of your hard work, your willingness to go outside of your comfort zones, learning new things, and your enduring perseverance has not gone unseen.


We want to thank you and show our appreciation for all that you have done and continue to do. It’s been an interesting year for all of us, but it’s also been one for our players as well.


Your unceasing dedication isn’t just helping REG to create a great game - you’re also helping someone somewhere relax after a long day. You’re giving a group of friends an excuse to get together. You’re giving an escape to the people who need it.


This is what REG is all about - and we thank you for bringing Eden Falling a little closer to reality.