The Cartel

The Fall severed mankind from each other.

The Cartel reunites us.

To reunite the world we need business, trade, and a stable economy. These have always been the cornerstones for a successful society, and always will be.

Business helps society by providing a way for resources to be distributed in a civil and equitable manner, ideally beneficial to all involved.

Business is good.

Resources are limited and people want choices. Therefore, trade is vital for progress, expansion, and success.
We believe everyone should have a choice.

For us to survive and thrive we must have a strong economy. That means lower crime, significant progress in our Tec, and more scientific breakthroughs.

A stronger economy means a safer community.

We want to provide everyone a way to get what they need, want, and require to survive in this uncompromising, yet promising world. Making it better for the future.

People need things.

We always have. We always will.