Surviving in Eden

To survive in this hellscape, you can’t ride your high horse and pretend you’re better than the rest of us. You gotta be smart. You gotta be clever. Ultimately, you have to make sure that you don’t have to rely on others to make things work. So, knowing these things, let me give you a few tips to help you make it.

First rule out here? Kill in one shot. There isn’t enough ammunition to fail. Don’t think you can do that? Scavenge. Or join a settlement—and hope that they don’t leave you to starve.

You better be able to hunt, and use whatever you’ve got to do it. Food that is safe to eat is scarce now, and the new plants and animals that have come out of The Fall are questionable at best.

Couldn’t talk to people before? You better damn well change that. Your usefulness, your place in any party or settlement, relies on your ability to be useful. Show that you’re what they need. Don't have any useful life skills? Find some now. Prove that you’re a mouth that is worth feeding.

You pick a faction, you keep to their ideals. You represent everything they represent. You live and breathe the faction. And you can’t be stepping out of line. You don’t represent, or you fuck something up? They’ll stab you in the back, and leave you for the monsters that roam this stricken planet.

Most importantly, know when to back down. There’s a lot out there, and most of it can kill a man in one fell swoop. So you learn to run. You run, and you don’t look back. You look out for yourself, and no one else. Because your best friend, your brother, anyone you love—they won’t hesitate to leave you behind.