UI Updates


Have you ever waited months for a new game to come out, using up your PTO for a mini-vacation of marathon playing, only to be disappointed by the lack of UI quality? Here at Razor Edge Games, we’ll make sure you won’t have to suffer again. Our team pays attention to all of those teeny, little details that make a game either god awful or god tier!

First off, our visual effects are now better than ever. The team has been hard at work revising the preexisting effects to bring a robust visual experience to the player. Picture it now: you click start, the game demands, “Who are you and what do you look like?” and you start customizing your look in such crisp, stunning detail that your player-character bond forms instantly.

Beyond that, we’ve recently implemented a brand spanking new, almost completed User Interface. You were already playing well with your character just by looking good, but now your character is playing even better with you. I know you’re getting excited, but we aren’t quite done working on the UI, but also not done telling you more exciting news.

Music, ambient tracks, and voice overs working together in harmony? Oh my! The team has set a new sound management system into place, allowing for increased cochlea pleasure. The new system even allows for directional audio so you may want to start training your ears to think about baseball now.

Lastly, screen loading times are down! The amazing team at Razor Edge are always working on improvements to our games (if you don’t know about them, I encourage you to check it out!); however, reducing screen load times by 80-freakin’-percent is just amazing. And, hey, less computer specs needed to run the game as an added bonus? Yes, please!