Character Development

Hey there, folks. Here is what is going on with character development on Eden Falling. We’ve been hard at work updating our characters to give you the best gaming experience possible.

We’ve rewritten some of our game world lore to mesh better with background stories of all the Faction’s main characters as well as faction leaders’ stories.

Next up, ALL background lore has been finished, again to give a more cohesive, immersive experience.

Don’t you just hate when you are watching a movie and it has really bad dubbing? Us too, so we added lip sync to all characters and NPCs in the game! We are well underway with animation too. Currently 50% of all those fun weapons to be found have been completed. Also, what good are weapons unless you have creatures? Yep, 80% of them have been animated as well.

Let’s face it, you want good looking characters right? We went ahead and completely reworked the character models and character creation along with the modular NPC creation to truly show that the Character or NPC stats affect their look, allowing for many flourishes to be added and make unique looking characters.

Lastly, on the character development front is that we reworked all our hair and clothing to look more realistic and updated their textures, nothing better than a nice head of hair and some spiffy duds! Stay with us for future updates!