Character Assets Dev Journal - 10/5/2017


Character Assets has been working really hard since our last dev journal update. We have added a ton of clothes to our catalog, and now we're finally finishing up modeling everything. We have 9 full sets of armor, plus some individual pieces here and there. We have lots of options for faction specific clothing, so if you meet some NPCs wearing some of these clothes they will be immediately identifiable as belonging to a specific faction. Likewise, if you join a faction you will have plenty of options for you character's look, while still maintaining the outfit guidelines for that faction.

Just because the modeling is nearly done, doesn't mean our work is over. There is a lengthy process each asset must go through to be usable in game. Depending on the type of asset, it must be textured and rigged, blend shapes must be added for clothes to adapt to different body sizes and shapes, and applying cloth simulation for loose fitting clothing. Once an asset goes through all of this we put it through a rigorous testing phase in the character editor, to see how it interacts with other clothes and if any changes need to be made to the mesh. Although it is a lengthy and difficult process preparing the clothes, it is also really exciting to see the diversity of the possible outfits and every time we add an asset to the editor it creates even more possibilities.


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