Sound/VO 9-21-2017


Hello and welcome to the latest installment of the Razor Edge Games Dev Journal series brought to you by the Voiceover team. In the last couple of weeks we have been hard at work on some of the scenes for the settlements. There are many things you can do in the settlement, and many more things to hear! A few snippets from some of our Voiceover artists and you’ll see a preview of some of the locations we are working on! Like the Bathhouse where your characters can relax and freshen up from hard day’s work. You can also stop by and get a drink of Rat’s Piss from the bar. Build and modify some weapons in the Workshop. There are many things you can do in the Afterfall, and it’s our job to bring these characters to life. To help show you some of our voice actors work we have composed a video to showcase today. Together with the help of Jon Torres from Concept Team and Joshua Goodwin from Music Team (also a special thanks to them for the assets), we present a video story to you.

Thanks for tuning in. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the video.

We’ll see you in the Afterfall.