Writing Team Dev Update 8-31-2017


This week we come back to our humble writing team. My name is Andrew Dean, and I am the Lead Writer here at Razor Edge Games. Majority of our time lately has been spent refining and rewriting a lot of our publicly displayed work, such as our website content. In addition, we have been working on expanding lore for certain aspects of the game, and coming up with lore for a new part of our game, that will add some optional elements for those that want to use the ruleset. Unfortunately, we can’t go into too much detail on this right now, but we’re excited to share it in the future.

Another part of our job is to assist with developing some of the game systems, such as the contract generation system. This is something that we’ve been working on in detail for some time. This is essentially our version of a quest system. We have two variations of this, one that is static based, such as via in-game characters, or factions. And the other is a randomly generated system, that allows you to have an almost limitless supply of unique contracts.

Other than that, majority of our work has been completed, and we are making small re-writes and updates to certain documents.

In addition, we are continuing with our Survivors Journal which will eventually come to a conclusion with a tie in to the game world that you will be experiencing. I wish I had more to share, but we are coming to the end of this project for our team.

We would like to thank you all for the support and for taking the time to read this, we are extremely excited to share our game with you.

See you after the fall.