Sound FX Update 7-27-2017


A sound effect, once made, doesn’t just fall into the movie where it’s found or the game engine where it’s heard. It has to be implemented. The BANG of a rifle must come from the barrel, the nature of the echo must match the environment. This is where individuals who specialize on the placement of sound come into play. Here on the SFX team over the last month, we have been working with our coding team to develop the tools needed to effectively implement our sounds into Unity. One of our engineer’s Shawn Carpenter, took the liberty to display some of this for you all!

In other news, and as always, we are busy on the front of guns. Reinaldo Gonzalez on SFX got the chance to record some live firearms in the desert again. One of them was a Smith & Wesson .38 revolver. 38 Revolver It will be a delight to hear the gun in the game!