Hard Surface Dev Journal


Hard Surface team here again with some brand new weapons and a vehicle overhaul. We’ve got plenty of vehicles that will suit anyone’s needs. Small, Sleek and fast to Large, Tanky and Slow. Even some vehicles used before the meteor struck the earth.

Here we have one of our small, Sleek, Versatile hover bikes. Complete with mod-able armor sets to give you an extra boost or two.

Hover Bike

Now is the time we share with you what used to be. Some of the Pre-fall vehicles that will be lying about, broken, pieces taken for repair and scrap. Or even used to pawn or build that new super weapon you’ve been wanting.

It may be small, but it’s compact and safe for all users. A nice car to have when on a budget and you don’t need much room.

Small Car

One of the more luxury cars in the lineup, it hovers, it’s sleek, it seats two comfortably and most importantly… it has jet engines.

Nice Car

Here we have one for your utility needs. Got things that need towing? Just need that extra pickup space? How about all that power to haul a large load. Try one of our prefill trucks. With a very spacious cabin.

Small Truck

Finally we have something even for all you wheelers out there. Trucking along across the country day in and day out. These may have a large trailer, but the interior is as luxurious as that rocket car.

Trailer Truck