Writing Dev Journal Update

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this.


My name is Andrew Dean and I am the Lead Writer for Eden Falling…


Lately my team has been working on fleshing out some of the in-game systems, such as the disease system, the achievement system, and the skill system.


For the disease system, we have developed a list of diseases that will exist in our game world and will be able to infect the player character. Some of these diseases are minor irritants, and others are life threatening. They will all affect the character in one way or another, some may have positive aspects which are then outweighed by the negative. Others will be more balanced, and some will be just downright horrible.


For our achievement system, we have created a large list of in-game achievables and titles that can be obtained for your player character. Want to have a rank before your name? Complete the title achievement for the correct factions. We also have some tongue in cheek titles that can be obtained. We’ve tried to make the list as varied as possible to offer the player a multitude of options when it comes to customizing your character, it also gives you little goals that you can aim for in addition to the larger scale happenings.


The skill system is something we are constantly expanding on. The more we read it over, the more ideas we come up with. Right now we are attempting to organize it into an easy to understand and efficient list that can offer the player a variety of play styles. Our hope is that every character will be distinctively different. We want every play experience to be a unique one.


In addition to these things we have really been expanding on our lore sections and adding new mini-storyline contracts that use this lore. Some of them are factional based, others are more generalized, but all of them have detailed back stories and will be setup to not only work independently of one another, but as a short serial storyline. Every faction, creature, and area of the game will have a detailed history, there will be many ways that the player will be able to discover this lore in the game. We hope that this could become an adventure in itself.


Among all of this we are working on Voice Over scripts for our actors, and anything else that comes our way, such as marketing based material.


As we progress with the development of the game, we find new ways to implement and expand the universe that we have created. Sometimes it is more of a chore to streamline the information than it is to conceptualize it.


We also have lots of little surprises, and big surprises in store for everyone. Some of our projects are so secretive, that even our very own CEO has yet to glimpse them. We are really looking forward to sharing with everyone a lot of the concepts and directions that we have developed.


And finally, as always, we continue the Survivors Journals which can be found at www.razoredgegames.com


Until next time, plan for your survival and stay safe!


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