Level Design Dev Journal Update!


The level design team has been hard at work building some new and intriguing places for you to find and explore. Some of the latest levels we’ve been tackling are fuel cell depots where you can find some old world technology. Here is a sneak peek at a department store location created by one of our team members. Outside of that, we are working on a large amount of outdoor scenes, which will be the scouting points for finding unique locations such as the warehouses, fuel cell depots, and factories. The city of Phoenix will be on our list in the coming months as a place to build for survivors to dig through for amazing gear and dangerous encounters. There will be this and many more locations for you to visit as the game expands throughout the creation process. Keep looking out for more updates from the other teams on more interesting features and exciting additions to our game!

Floor Floor2 Floor3 Floor4 Floor5 floor6 Outside