Coding Team Dev Journal


The coding team has been working hard on a few things with focus on the character creator and a couple other core features to the game. The character creator currently allows for great customization of the character when you start the game. This includes nearly every feature of the face but in a streamlined simpler way, without use of 100s of sliders.

In addition to this we also have had great strides in building our tech demo. With functionality as key we nearly have all game rule functionality at 100% functionality including over a network. Moving forward with this we have been building that into a playable Alpha by adding Basic filler UI artwork and using read scene with filler characters for out combat. Speaking of combat the internal code for combat is complete and being updated for networking with the obvious addition of our filler visuals. We have text with a chat system and output for testing working within the UI we have.

As we continue we are looking into adding the animations for the AI for the characters. Being as diverse an AI as possible allowing the multiple possibilities on how characters will act within a scene.