Music Team Dev Journal


Hello and welcome to this week’s Dev Journal! My name is Josh Goodwin and I’m the Music Lead on Eden Falling... Today we are showcasing some of the music that will set the tone as you explore the world, so turn up those speakers and I’ll give you a glimpse into the wilderness of the Afterfall.

With the goal of finding valuables to trade in a nearby settlement, your journey starts on the cracked pavement of an Old World road. They provide the fastest surface for travel, but also leave you the most exposed to both man and beast that may lay in wait for a stranger to pass by.

Old Road

Along the old road, a nearby canyon with decrepit structures catches your eye. Old technology may be worth scavenging from there, so you step off the road and press into the gorge. You make sure to keep yourself wary, on the chance something is already here, further down the canyon or above on the cliff edge.


In the end you survive another day, and camp out in a secluded oasis away from unwanted eyes. Obscured by trees you settle down, and for the night are away from the all of the faction politics, greed, and noise of the civilized world. As water trickles down the cliff edge into a nearby pool, you lay down to rest, pulling your gun close and keeping one eye open.