Hard Surface Team Dev Journal Update


The Hard Surface team is back with some new toys. In our last post we showed off some of our more advanced weapons. This time we’ll start things off with something a little more home made.

If you ever feel like you need to go ahead and make your own gun in the apocalypse, then take some pipe, barbwire, and a bike seat. You’ll be gunning down those pesky marauders in no time. Just be sure you know what you’re doing when crafting these crude weapons.

crude weapon

If you’re wanting to trap enemies then why not grab yourself one of our net launchers. You’ll be able to ensnare your enemies, rendering them in a staggered and slowed state. Leaving them wide open.

Net Launcher

If some scrapped together gun or trapping people isn’t your style. There is always the Gauss Rifle, ready to give more of that impact you’re looking for.

Gauss Rifle

Gauss rifles not your thing? You’re more of a long range specialist? Well we have our first Sniper rifle from Chykor Industries, the M-187 ASMR. I’ll tell you this thing will pack a punch.


Along with the net launcher there are various types of non-lethal weapons to choose from. This one in particular may still hold a charge when fired, so best not to get in front of the darts.


Last thing to show this time around, a weapon with various types of ammo such as Anti-Tank rounds, High explosive rounds, even an anti-matter round. If you’re wanting to walk away from an explosion, this Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher may just very well be for you.