Audio Team Dev Journal


In recent weeks the dedicated members of the sound team have been working on noises that if done right should slip past the ears. That is, until they’re not there. The footsteps people make, the howling of wind and the bustling chatter of communities. These invisible yet invaluable elements are sure to make the game feel more whole!


The past couple of months however we’ve also been busy making the most noticeable sounds.  Guns!  One of our newest additions to the team, Ray Gonzalez has been hard at work getting some great sounds for the projectile weapons you’ll see throughout our wide wasteland. Trusty Shotguns, long range sniper rifles and backup pistols to name a few.  The recording sessions can be challenging and the editing process complex. There’s a lot more to it than just pulling the trigger!  But that doesn’t mean it isn’t loads of fun.


Meanwhile other members are using their creativity in the studio, imagining what the hi-tech weapons in our future will sound like.  Just as other design elements tell the story of the Afterfall in their own way, we’re helping to reinforce that story through continuity of sound throughout the game.  At times it’s subtle, subliminal even, but it can make a big difference.

Pictured here is Reinaldo Gonzalez, a sound engineer for Razor Edge working to get some amazing sounds for Eden Falling...

Sound Equipment