Sound Voice Over - 12/17 Update


This is David the sound team voice over lead at Razor Edge Games. Our Voice Actors have been hard at work creating unique characters for the game. Right now we are working on some of the dialogue for the main character. It’s becoming quite fun working with talented people. One of the toughest challenges I face is trying to keep up with production at times. With 30 people on the team and reviewing 200 plus files per person it gets a little intense. Listening to files over and over will make your brain fried. Sometimes I'm surprised I haven't gone crazy (well more than usual).

We do have a great group of people working on these voices and very talented writers. It's a long process to do. From getting the scripts to reviewing them and formatting it so our engineers can work with making the files. Once the lines are recorded and the files are made our sound engineers send me and my assistant Adam the files for review where we make sure everything sounds good and make sure it's game ready. Even with so many people and files to reviewing it is exciting fun process. It's especially exciting seeing the characters come to life.