Concept Team - November 17th Update


Concept Team Up Date 11/12/2016

Jon here, the lead concept artist at Razor Edge Games. We have been hard at work trying to churn out more concepts and ideas for the game. Lately we have been trying to work on some environments and melee weapons along with some vehicles. It’s been crazy but fun! Here are some great environments created by Sandra G. on the team:

A frozen waterfall to explore.


A lowland wilderness that Bob Ross would be proud of.


I also worked on a bar and rest area for a low tech level settlement. Bars and rest areas are vital to keeping your moral and spirits high. The world is a harsh and lonely place so it’s important to make sure find time to rest.



Kyle, an assistant team lead for the concept department has also been sketching designs for VTOL aircraft. Imagine one of these landing in front of you!


We also started working on some weapons. One thing about the game is that weapons will run the gamut of high tech to primitive. And while the lower tech weapons are not as fancy, they are more prevalent and reliable:




We are really trying to design as many things as we can so that the other departments can have ample useful concepts to get creative with themselves. We have had so much fun designing and creating these things and we can’t wait for you to experience these things in game.