Modular Team September 2nd 2016


Modular Team Dev Journal

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After the Modular Modeling Team finished up work on the Bar Scene we moved on to making the second place everyone will see: The Settlement. The majority of our team members have been hard at work making various environmental pieces to flesh out this post apocalyptic version of a city, from large central structures that are the epicenter of the settlement to the defensive walls protecting the edges, we’ve been pouring out piece by piece to give it a look of old tech meets new. While most are chipping away at the settlement necessities others are working on some less modular items like equipment and fuel cell charging stations for the vehicle’s power source.

The main challenge we’ve been facing is deciding the best way to build the settlement with a more organic feel since these cities grew over time and didn’t have the neat pre-planning that most cities pre-apocalypse would. This has made us all have to look at our pieces from a new angle to make sure they can be adjusted to a less perfect layout.

It has been an interesting learning experience so far and we hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into what’s to come!

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