Sound Effects Team August 25th 2016


A friendly hello from all us here on the Sound Effects Team at Razor Edge Games! Everything that's not music or voice that you hear in the Afterfall will have been imagined and incarnated by the talent on this team. This week is our turn to take the torch and shine some light on what exactly our sub-team is up to.


One can imagine that sound libraries for games can get pretty extensive and Epocylipse: the Afterfall is no exception. So naturally an element of every week is reviewing the sound effects we have and anticipating the sound effects we are going to need. Most recently, we have been looking into our progress on vehicle sound effects and gearing up to mimic the noises of whatever bucket on wheels your heart desires in our convoluted Afterfall.


Along with delving through files, this week we have had a great opportunity to communicate and coordinate with the people over on the animation team. Specifically the HYDRA laser rifle has been the center of that coordination, but it can proudly be said that it's going to be one hell of a weapon.