Concept Team Update!


Greetings and salutations! This week is the concept team’s turn to share what we have been cooking. You probably noticed the animated trailer on our site. That was created as a joint effort between many different artists and animators on the team. It was a lot of work (and painting) but in the end a cool product since it really captures the vibe our game is shooting for.

Along with that we have also been working on some character concepts and trying to create some cool ideas for the various marauder gangs you will run into in the wasteland. As an example, check out the Fire Devils who are a savage group of rapscallions you may encounter in the world of the AfterFall.


But not to worry, you will have ample resources available to you if you persevere and play smart. And one thing that can help you survive such encounters with bandits is a vehicle. We have many vehicles you can drive but one of the coolest is a hovercraft. It has 4 seats so you and the entire family can cruise the wasteland in style!



With vehicles like this, the world is yours to explore. Perhaps you can come across an abandoned Airport in the city…



Or maybe you will find a destroyed space elevator. Who knows?


That’s the beauty of creating concepts for this game. It’s the creative freedom to help design the game world and create that seed of an idea the rest of the Razor Edge Team can play off of.

-Jon Torres, Lead Concept Artist