Flowing With The Rhythm:
The Harbingers pt. 5

Screams, groans, engines and storms...the apocalypse is rarely quiet. And when it is, you’d best be searching the shadows. But not every sound is a precursor to pain or a mark of hardship. Thanks to the music of the Harbingers, there’s a sure sign of life--real, thriving, hopeful life--in the Afterfall.


Strength comes in many forms in the varied patchwork of the Afterfall. Rosie Perth, the final member of the Harbingers, is vibrant proof of that fact. Before rounding out the band with the powerful sound of her tuba and her warm but commanding presence, Rosie was a strong and respected relic hunter for the Patriots. Her resolve and tenacity made her stand out among the ranks, and when she found her instrument--an Old World relic no one had ever seen--she stood out even more. She likes it that way. Her solid rhythms and pounding music add a depth and vibrance to the band’s sound that always draws notice. But most of all, Rosie provides a strong foundation and a unifying force for the band’s sometimes chaotic styles and often clashing personalities. She helps shape the group into a family, and provide the world with life, not just survival.


Adding to the immersive world of Eden Falling, the unique sounds of the Harbingers will captivate players. The vibrant personalities of the members will inspire and add a unique touch to the gaming experience.


Stay tuned weekly for more updates about the game and for all five of the band members to be revealed. For more information about Rosie Perth and the other jug band members, go to the Razor Edge Game’s website at https://edenfalling.razoredgegames.com/the-harbingers/


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