Razor Edge Games – Eden Falling

Keeps Tempo

The Harbingers pt.3

20th May, 2016


Dyza Greene

Screams, groans, engines and storms...the Epocylipse is rarely quiet. And when it is, you’d best be searching the shadows. But not every sound is a precursor to pain or a mark of hardship. Thanks to the music of the Harbingers, there’s a sure sign of life--real, thriving, hopeful life--in the AfterFall.

Gorgeous, intelligent, and tender, the staple of the band shows all the merit of a true leader. Dyza Greene is a powerful ally, and a charming musician. The Lovely guitarist of the Harbingers formed her jug band to promote a sense of wandering community, entertainment, and joy to the survivors of the Fall. She prides her new family of misfits in all that they do, and with the band’s matriarch, Rossie Perth as her guide and mentor, inspires others to embrace music as a beacon in the bleak world. Though she is the youngest of the band, she is easily one of the most cunning. A guitar isn’t the only thing the ex Freedom Fighter can shred. While all band members have selected a docile, unifying profession, they are all survivors at heart, and Miss Greene is a skilled tactician capable of picking apart enemy defenses.

Adding to the immersive world of Eden Falling, the unique sounds of the Harbingers will captivate players. The vibrant personalities of the members will inspire and add a unique touch to the gaming experience.

Stay tuned weekly for more updates about the game and for all five of the band members to be revealed. For more information about Dyza Greene and the other jug band members, go to the Razor Edge Game’s website at https://edenfalling.razoredgegames.com/the-harbingers/