Eden Falling – Ventures Out

The Mid-Atlantic and

Northeast Marauders

April 29th 2016


Razor Edge Games wraps up their trip from coast-to-coast exploring the marauder territories this week.

The Mid-Atlantic groups are less flowery than their southern counterparts. But that just means there’s less sparkle and flare to distract wayward adventurers from pending demise. Particularly, the Reapers are looking to harvest souls for Death this season, so gamers who frolic through their marked territory essentially consent to ritualistic torture-- we warned you. If you can dodge the sickle, you still have to deal with the carrion birds because the Blue Vultures also haunt the region. With a nasty habit of targeting the injured and weary, the Vultures make sure only the strong make it through their turf. Just don’t anticipate any Darwin awards; we’re rolling right into the northeast next.

Gamers can expect the marauders of the northeast to be hearty, skilled, and extremely tenacious. Not everyone is out to kill you, though. The Daywalkers are a group only interested in your goods. Goods, Razor Edge Games says, they will lift right off your person in broad daylight without you ever noticing. Though not everyone is out to kill you, the greater majority absolutely want your head. Encountering the Dead Eyes especially means Adventurers are the perfect target. It might be all fun and games to this marauder duo, but gamers will be laughing considerably less with bullets in their heads.

All’s well that ends in cautions and warnings while venturing out into the Epocylipse. Razor Edge Games knows the value of friendly competition, and fully encourages Adventurers to gear up, and buck up. It’s about to get real.