Eden Falling

Rubs Salt In Your Wounds

The High Plains And Southern Marauders

April 22nd 2016


Gamers of Razor Edge Games’ Eden Falling get the full package; gore, violence, souped up futuristic weapons, stunning cinematic views- flowers?

Though it’s likely part of a sadistic trap, the High Plains hosts a territory of deceptively gentle-titled gangs. After all, who would take the Roses for a band of young men and women skilled in the art of torture? Naturally, the Roses take a specific pride in leaving their victims so brutalized they are unable to rejoin civil society. The unlucky wanderer may stumble across other territories not meant for kind company, such as the Wildlings or Ice Cobras. In either event, Razor Edge Games encourages the witty adventurer to take up arms and test out one of the hundreds of unique weapons at their disposal. Nothing is better for toxic gardens than a little radioactive splatter.

Perhaps further off the beaten path than average, survivors are in danger of stumbling upon the Southern marauder groups. The South produces a much more trying environment after the Fall. The humid landscape has made preserving resources much more trying, resulting in a more aggressive breed of survivor.

Marauder groups here have adopted cliques which are defended mercilessly. Gangs such as the Hopeless Ones give life and limb for their members, and happily rip intruders to shreds indiscriminately in defense of their limited creature comforts.

For more information about the High Plains and Southern marauder gangs, as well as the playable factions in the game, go to the Razor Edge Games’ website at https://edenfalling.razoredgegames.com/