Razor Edge Games – Eden Falling

Treks Through The Central Plains And Gulf

Marauder Gangs

April 15th 2016


Razor Edge Games has been gabbing it up about their rooted system of playable factions. However, the AfterFall brings just as many foes as it does allies. Humanity has survived quite a bit in the Epocylipse, but civility might be a stretch of the imagination for some straggling groups.

Cast out in the Central Plains, gamers may encounter any variety of lethal challenges, and Gangs might not be instantly on the list of things to look out for--but they should be. With their graffiti tagging distinct landmarks or obvious outposts, the Central Plains marauders find a meal ticket in every unwitting passerby. Including  the Soul Stealers, The Anonymous, and the perhaps not so threatening Butterfly Soldiers, these gangs compose a scatter of territory that should still be avoided when possible.

Don’t giggle off your sense of caution just yet. Though gamers may traverse the Central Plains without running into trouble, gangs are sprayed all throughout the adjacent regions as well. The Gulf includes the Cobalt Demons who are particularly known to pick challengers, not only for the thrill of the hunt, but to sharpen deadly skills as well. While each group has its merits, Razor Edge Games cautions survivors to step lightly to avoid becoming some thug’s target practice.

For more information about the Central Plains and Gulf marauder as well as other, playable factions in the game, go to the Razor Edge Game’s website at https://edenfalling.razoredgegames.com/