Eden Falling Reveals The Challenges

Of High Tec Government

The Cartel Pt. 2

April 7th 2016


The Cartel

Razor Edge Games left off on a bitter note last week, with a world in shambles and government struggling against inevitable collapse. Hinting at the challenges faced by the once powerful conglomerate of civil control agencies, we took a peek into the lost logs of the post-apocalyptic Big Brother, the Cartel.

Things continue to look grim in the budding stages of what soon becomes the economic powerhouse following the Fall. Razor Edge Games continues to stir the pot, stewing into the mix a hint of chaos, the spice of the unexpected, and a dash of technical malfunction until even the most composed official would be ready to scream.

Players will get to experience the perfectly controlled and tailored version of this powerful entity. Meanwhile, going back to the roots of an organization prided for its ability to demonstrate absolute power, reminds us that human flaws still thrive behind the Cartel’s immaculate façade.

For more information about the Cartel and the other, playable factions in the game, go to the Razor Edge Game’s website at https://edenfalling.razoredgegames.com/the-factions/