Eden Falling Reveals Big Brother’s Souped-Up Heir:
The Cartel


With the end comes an invasive beginning. The apocalypse brings forth a culture of daring rivalry, limited resources, treacherous allies, and bittersweet victories. While it may have been a hope of many to carefully evade the prying eyes of government with the fall of civil society, reality is a kick to the teeth. Ladies and Gentleman, Razor Edge Games partially unveils to you, the Cartel.


We’re not here to seed hope; the Cartel is a massively inaccessible entity guarding secrets passed down from generations of faceless institutions to modern day. It towers with ubiquitous, preeminent control, gripping the shattered world in an economic noose. While the Cartel is indeed the neutral face of industrious need, gamers may find themselves haunted by a paranoia that the overly-helpful faction is more than a convenient ammunitions supplier. Half the fun is having no proof to support or deny that nagging inkling.


Razor Edge Games provides the Cartel to gamers of Eden Falling as a refreshing aid as they salvage and scrounge just to make ends meet. Wanting only to collect data and keep economy alive and well, the Cartel may be inclined to host a variety of services for the weary or weathered survivor. Neutrality has its perks; no matter what faction(s) gamers may decide to support, the Cartel will remain persistently present to extend its friendly advice, disclaimers, warnings, and commerce where it provides the most impact. But please, don’t disregard a little helpful chatter in your ear on your travels--you have much less value dead than alive, and Big Brother The Cartel knows best.


For more information about the Cartel and the other, playable factions in the game, go to the Razor Edge Game’s website at https://edenfalling.razoredgegames.com/the-factions/


About Razor Edge Games

Razor Edge Games is an independent gaming studio. We are a diverse collective of more than 140 passionate artists and gamers from around the globe with diverse backgrounds and experience levels, based in Gilbert, Arizona. With a passion for tabletop gaming and traditional RPGs in its DNA, our studio is hard at work on its debut game, Eden Falling, with several more exciting projects planned for future.

Our mission is to create replayable, content-driven experiences fueled by innovation. REG independence means not having to adhere to flashy trends, stuffy board members, and corporate Yes-Men who rehash the same tiring games over and over. We are risk-takers with the vision to take the gaming experience far beyond traditional industry norms. We aim to give the gamer full control of their own experience.

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